New MICROMATIC facilities in northern Morocco ()

BERALMAR's leadership in solid-fuel firing continues to grow stronger thanks to three new orders from northern Morocco, specifically for BRIQUETERIE ARGILUX in Oujda, MIDABRIQ in Midar and SALAMABRIQ in Zaio.

These new facilities are part of a process of fuel substitution (fuel oil for pet coke) taking place throughout the country, given the significant price difference between the two fuels and the good results obtained from the use of pet coke. An average production plant in Morocco (300 tons/day) can save about €500,000 per year by using pet coke instead of fuel oil.

The equipment installed in this case will be specifically the MICROMATIC model, due to the availability of dry and micronized pet coke in the northeast of the country.

When these three units are installed, there will be a total of nine kilns with BERALMAR PROMATIC and MICROMATIC equipment.

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