Information for the brickmaker


BERALMAR has written a 300-page treatise on techniques for drying and firing heavy clay, signed by BERALMAR’s Technical Director Artur Massaguer and Head of R&D Santi Amposta.

The treatise reviews in detail the current techniques of drying and firing, explained in relation to the technologies available at BERALMAR, and will be published periodically from September 2013.

Part Chapters Publication date Spanish English French Russian
XXVIIFiring: 2.1629/01/2016PDFPDFPDF --
XXVIFiring: 2.15 - 2.1621/12/2015PDFPDFPDF --
XXVFiring: 2.1430/11/2015PDFPDFPDF --
XXIVFiring: 2.11 - 2.1229/10/2015PDFPDFPDF --
XXIIIDrying: 1.16.230/09/2015PDFPDFPDF PDF
XXIIFiring: 2.929/07/2015PDFPDFPDF PDF
XXIDrying: 1.1630/06/2015PDFPDFPDF PDF
XXFiring: 2.8.629/05/2015PDFPDFPDF PDF
XIXDrying: 1.14 - 1.1529/04/2015PDFPDFPDF PDF
XVIIDrying: 1.1327/02/2015PDFPDFPDF PDF
XVIFiring: 2.8.530/01/2015PDFPDFPDF PDF
XVDrying: 1.12.322/12/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
XIVFiring: 2.8.2 - 2.8.428/11/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
XIIIDrying: 1.12.1 - 1.12.231/10/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
XIIFiring: 2.830/09/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
XIDrying: 1.11.4 - 1.11.530/07/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
XFiring: 2.7.5 - 2.7.1030/06/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
IXDrying: 1.10 - 1.1130/05/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
VIIIFiring: 2.730/04/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
VIIDrying: 1.930/03/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
VIFiring: 2.5 - 2.628/02/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
VDrying: 1.831/01/2014PDFPDFPDF PDF
IVFiring: 2.423/12/2013PDFPDFPDF PDF
IIIDrying: 1.7- 1.7.503/12/2013PDFPDFPDF PDF
IIFiring: 2.1- 2.3.404/11/2013PDFPDFPDF PDF
IDrying: 1- 601/10/2013PDFPDFPDFPDF