FOC20/FF cool-flame burners


New high-speed cool-flame burners feature an ability to provide 400% surplus air and thus a low-temperature flame, designed for installation between the pre-heating area and draw fan. The Model FOC20/FF burner harmonises the firing curve and brings preheating forward. This results in greater production performance in ovens that are already theoretically working at their maximum capacity.

These burners also offer other benefits. Meanwhile cool-flame burners have been shown to reduce emissions considerably as combustion is so close to draw, resulting in post-combustion of emitted fumes.

The operating principle of FOC-20/MV/FF high-speed burners is based on combustion of air/fuel mix taking place in a small chamber assigned to the burner. The modulating high-speed burner provided maximum distributed temperature across the material load by varying flame length, while always maintaining a consistent air-to-gas ratio.