PULS model combustion chamber


The PULS model combustion chamber for the vertical injection of dry, powdered fuel, where combustion takes place as the fuel is injected by gravity through the roof of the combustion chamber.

This camera has 2 possible applications:

- Use of hot air together with the combustion fumes.
- Coupling the combustion chamber to a GB model heat exchanger.

The PULS model combustion chamber is designed for 5 power levels, from 1 to 5 million kcal/h.

The PULS model combustion chamber is characterised by its low maintenance due to the low accumulation of ash thanks to the combustion system that doesn't use grills Another advantage of the combustion chamber, when coupled to a hot air heat exchanger, is that the separation of the two functions (combustion and heat exchange) on two different machines optimises fuel efficiency up to 85%.

Fuels that can be used are vegetable solid fuels with a particle size less than 4 mm and a humidity of less than 5%, although the equipment can also be adapted for the use of coal. In the event that the particle size of the fuel is too high, a mill can be installed between feed hopper chute and the fan.