GB generator for solid fuels

  • green product

The GB hot air generator, built by Beralmar, is designed to provide a hot-air heating system at temperatures below 150ºC.

It is particularly adaptable to all uses where the heat flow must only based on pure, absolutely odourless air free from any chemical contaminants. The main feature of GB hot-air generators is that they make full use of thermal energy produced by the combustion chamber; this is possible because air is forced through the pipe exchanger, which against the flow, circulates until it completes a 360º turn (rotary flow).

The Beralmar hot-air generator is particularly suited to brick dryers and any other industrial dryer requiring temperatures below 150ºC.

- It comes with a 2-speed or modulating heavy-diesel direct high-pressure injection burner, with instruments and manoeuvrability for fully automatic temperature management.

- The GB generator can be ordered specifically with solid vegetable fuel burner or with connection to solid vegetable fuel chamber.