New order in Tunisia ()

We are pleased to announce that Beralmar Tecnologic S.A. has been selected to modernize combustion systems in 3 rapid dryers and 2 Tunnel Kilns in Tunisia, with a total production of 1600 tons per day.

Supply for the 3 dryers will include:
  • 6 air vein gas burners, VA-3000 model (3,000,000 Kcal/h).
  • 3 air vein gas burners, VA-2000 model (2,000,000 Kcal/h).
  • Installation of the complete MICROSEC System for automatic control of the 3 dryers.
For the 2 kilns, we will provide:
  • 4 sets of 16 high-speed burners, FOC20/MV model.
  • 16 high-speed side burners, FOC20/ML model.
  • 16 sets of 16 impulse burners, ICV model.
  • Installation of the complete MICROBER System for automatic control of the two kilns.

  • At Beralmar, we thank our valuable customers for trusting in our expertise in combustion equipment for heavy clay. This designation marks our first reference in Tunisia, underscoring our commitment to excellence in the heavy clay industry.