New order of a complete plant from Kazakhstan ()

If in the November Newsletter we mentioned that BERALMAR has supplied 5 complete plants in Central Asia in the last decade, we will soon need to add the sixth.

BERALMAR is working on a new order for a complete plant that is being erected near Nursultán (formerly Astana), the capital of Kazakhstan.

The new factory is superlative:
  • Production: 900 tons/day.
  • Products: Hollow blocks.
  • Dryer: 2 direct drying tunnels on kiln car, each 194.40 m long.
  • Kiln: 194.40 m long and 6.70 m wide, equipped with a natural gas firing installation.
The BERALMAR supply includes:
  • Complete line of clay preparation and shaping.
  • All the handling equipment of the factory, from cutting to packaging.
  • LLEVANT model direct setting dryer.
  • FORNTHERMIC-E model tunnel kiln.
The new factory is being built at high speed and its commissioning is scheduled for September 2021.

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