Supply of a singular firing installation for Wienerberger ()

At the beginning of March, a singular gas firing installation left the BERALMAR workshops, with destination to the factory that WIENERBERGER has in Kunigal (Karnataka, India).

The Kunigal plant is by far the most modern brick plant in the Asian country, and it already has equipment from BERALMAR, as a MICROMATIC installation with central grinding for the use of petroleum coke and mineral coals in the kiln, and a heat exchanger generator of solid fuels model GBS/1500 for the dryer, for biomass consumption, were previously commissioned

With the expected arrival of natural gas, the management of the factory has considered it appropriate to provide the kiln with a gas installation, and due to the uncertainty of the price of natural gas, it has been decided to request BERALMAR for a dual installation in order to automatically switch from natural gas to LPG and vice versa.

The existing MICROMATIC installation will not be withdrawn, and with the dual gas equipment WIENERBERGER will have the possibility of consuming both mineral coal and either type of gas, and in the most convenient rate at any time. At the same time it is also intended to increase the output of the kiln.

BERALMAR's supply consists of high-speed burners model FOC10 / MV, gas injection units model ICV, and a gas burner for the dryer, also dual.

The WIENERBERGER group is doing a great job in introducing ceramic blocks for modern construction in India, in a country that despite being the second in the world in volume of brick production, the majority of existing formats (solid bricks) they are not suitable for large, modern construction, which is being dominated by the consumption of cement blocks.

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