Modification of a kiln in Hungary ()

BERALMAR has just completed the modification of a tunnel kiln in Hungary, for the PÁPATESZERI TÉGLAIPARI brick plant in Pápateszer, in the northwest of the country.

The modification consisted of extending the kiln, which had been built by BERALMAR in 2007, to transform the pre-kiln and convert it into an extension of the kiln. A new pre-kiln has been built in parallel to the kiln.

To transform the pre-kiln it was necessary to change the entire surrounding area, from the draught fan area to the entrance of the old pre-kiln, as well as a good part of the walls, integrating it in this way into the structure of the kiln.

It should be noted that the kiln was lengthened without stopping the factory’s production and the kiln only had to be stopped on one day for the demolition of the pre-kiln walls and roof.

We want to thank the Valdinger family for their continued confidence in BERALMAR.

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Construction of the new kiln entrance, without stopping production.