New project in Bangladesh ()

BERALMAR is working on a strategic new project: the supply of a new production line for MIRPUR CERAMICS, the leading ceramic brick manufacturer in Bangladesh.

The new factory, called SUNSHINE BRICKS, will count with the following:
  • Complete handling equipment line: cutting, dryer loading and unloading, kiln stacking and destacking, and packaging.
  • Semi-continuous dryer.
  • Tunnel kiln.
  • The factory will run on natural gas mainly, which is well-priced in Bangladesh, for a 400 t/day hollow block production.

The SUNSHINE BRICKS project is of high strategic value for BERALMAR for two reasons: on one hand, because it is the first large project in the Indian subcontinent, a region where BERALMAR is making great efforts to contribute to the development of the heavy clay industry; and on the other hand, for having been selected by a manufacturer of the prestige of MIRPUR CERAMICS, who we take this opportunity to thank for their trust.

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