New petcoke combustion chamber ()

BERALMAR has started to market a product that has been long-awaited, especially in certain markets.

As leading experts in solutions for the combustion of all types of fuels for both firing and drying processes, we needed to fill a gap that quite a few customers have been highlighting for years: a solution for the use of petcoke in hot air generation for dryers.

The solution to this request has finally arrived with the new CCP combustion chamber. Available for now with a power of up to 3,000,000 Kcal/h (2,250 kW), the CCP chamber is designed to overcome the difficulties of petcoke combustion in a closed chamber.

Due to the corrosive characteristics of petcoke and its sulphur content, the combustion fumes must necessarily pass through a heat exchanger coupled to the CCP chamber in order to use them in a dryer for ceramic products, so that the hot air received by the dryer is clean.

Therefore, the set formed by the CCP combustion chamber and the heat exchanger provides a high-quality (clean hot air) and cost-effective solution since petcoke, despite its price fluctuations over time, is always significantly cheaper than other fuels such as natural gas or fuel-oil.

In some markets, this solution will need to be accompanied by a particle filter installed in the stack of the heat exchanger to comply with emissions regulations. BERALMAR also offers this accessory.

BERALMAR had in fact already carried out successful projects in the 1970s and 1980s for some ceramics plants in Spain with this type of petcoke chamber, so this year’s new CCP chamber was not designed from scratch. In the 1980s, natural gas reached practically every Spanish ceramics plants at a very competitive price, resulting in petcoke chambers falling into disuse. Now that petcoke is again an economically viable solution in many markets after the increase in fuel-oil and natural gas prices, BERALMAR is offering this technology once again with a series of improvements resulting from the experience accumulated by the BERALMAR technical team. This, added to the quality of the petcoke currently available on the market, makes the new CCP a reliable long-term solution to keep the thermal costs of the drying process low.

It should be noted that due to the high temperature required by petcoke for combustion, the CCP chamber needs to be preheated using a fuel-oil or gas burner. Once the working temperature is reached, the chamber starts to operate 100% with micronized petcoke.

With this new solution, which has already been applied successfully, BERALMAR further reinforces its leadership in combustion solutions for all types of fuels, and responds to a long-awaited demand.

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CCP micronized petcoke combustion chamber commissioned this year.
Set installed in the 1970s in Spain.