New orders for biomass heat generators in Morocco ()

This year BERALMAR has been receiving orders for clean hot air generation equipment for dryers in Morocco, based on biomass.

Olive pomace is a widely available biomass in Morocco, although it presents the disadvantage of chemical attacks by combustion fumes on metal pieces of the dryers (metal shelves, fans, etc.).

For this reason, BERALMAR is currently supplying three ceramics plants in northern Morocco with various solutions for efficient combustion of olive pomace first in a combustion chamber and then in a separate, unconventional heat exchanger, specifically designed to:

- Withstand the chemical attacks produced by the combustion fumes from olive pomace.
- Offer easy maintenance of ash removal and cleaning of the heat exchange tubes.

BERALMAR offers all kinds of solutions for hot air generation for dryers, and for all kinds of fuel: gas, fuel-oil, coal, petcoke and both direct combustion biomass as well as heat exchange biomass (clean, hot air generation). In addition to the ceramics industry, BERALMAR also has extensive experience with this equipment in the agricultural sector.

Including orders received this year, there are now 12 dryers in Morocco, equipped with biomass solutions for hot air generation designed by BERALMAR.

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