Commissioning of a new factory in Russia ()

In recent weeks BERALMAR completed the commissioning of a new factory in Kansk, near Krasnoyarsk (Siberia, Russia) for the large local industrial group ARBAN.

BERALMAR's project supply comprised:

- All the cutting machinery.

- Kiln car setting and dehacking.

- LLEVANT dryer.

- PRESTHERMIC tunnel kiln.

- MICROBER and MICROSEC control equipment.

This new production line has a capacity of 30 million pieces per year of solid brick, with the following two main features:

1. Coal is the only fuel used in all production processes. Due to the high input humidity, it was necessary to provide a trommel dryer for the coal, which is then transported to the solids heat generator and PROMATIC firing system.

2. The dryer features direct setting on kiln cars, a process which has the following advantages:

- Moderate investment in automation equipment, since the process only calls for stacking the bricks on the cars immediately after moulding and unstacking them after firing.

- High energy efficiency. Since the dryer works 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, heat is recovered from the kiln continually. The cars also take less than a minute to exit the dryer and enter the kiln, preventing the reabsorption of moisture typical in other dryers, eliminating the need for a pre-kiln.

-Reduced downtime and maintenance. The automation elements are usually to blame for most downtime, a problem that is minimized by the reduced number of automation equipment in this type of dryer.

- Easy switch in production volume. Since the dryer and kiln operate continuously, production changes are as simple as increasing or decreasing the speed of cars, a task which is much simpler than with other types of dryers, where production changes in the dryer and the kiln are different operations to be carried out separately.

- Less manpower. The simplicity of these facilities entails less need for human resources, due to the smaller number of equipment to maintain and the fact that the dryer and kiln operate as a single unit.

All the features and benefits of this production line were focused on a single objective: to minimize energy consumption and optimize the competitiveness of the new factory. The low energy consumption of the dryer, with direct stacking on the kiln car, the efficiency of the airtight PRESTHERMIC kiln and the exclusive use of local coal as the only fuel for all processes make this product line an excellent example of energy efficiency combined with the use of a low cost fuel.

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