Another order for a Micromatic system in Morocco ()

BERALMAR will supply a new MICROMATIC installation in Morocco, the sixteenth to be supplied to the North African country, in this case for BRIQUETERIE SLAOUI in Salé.

In 2011 BERALMAR carried out a thorough modernization of BRIQUETERIE SLAOUI’s kiln, enlarging the firing zone and the pre-kiln, and installing a new ventilation system, fuel-oil combustion equipment, an automated MICROBER firing control and other equipment. On this occasion BERALMAR supplied a MICROMATIC installation to replace approximately 70% of the current consumption of fuel oil, which has reached exorbitant prices in Morocco, with micronized petroleum coke. Current production of blocks is closer to 600 tonnes per day.

It was a pleasure working with the professionals from BRIQUETERIE SLAOUI in 2011 and it certainly will be again on this occasion. We take this opportunity to thank you for your renewed confidence in us.

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Another order for a Micromatic system in Morocco