New solid-fuel firing installation in Kazakhstan ()

BERALMAR has received a new order for a solid fuel firing installation. This time the order comes from Kazakhstan, a vast Central Asian republic that despite having a similar population to Holland occupies an area equivalent to 60% of the European Union and is the 9th largest state in the world's.

The firing installation in question is a PROMATIC system , which will be installed in the tunnel kiln in the OAO TEMIRTAU KIRPICH ceramics facility to supply 100% of the energy necessary for firing 260 tonnes/day of ceramic blocks. The solid fuel available is coal.

Beralmar has already supplied more than 250 solid fuel firing installations for tunnel kilns since 1983 when it began selling the PROMATIC system . Since 2000, 131 installations have been supplied, that is a rate of supply of almost one installation per month sustained over a long period of time, and the Republic of Kazakhstan becomes the 26th country in the list of countries receiving this type of technology.

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Nueva instalación de cocción con sólidos en Kazajistán
Nueva instalación de cocción con sólidos en Kazajistán