Commissioning of the first micromatic installation in Hungary ()

During the month of September, BERALMAR commissioned the first MICROMATIC installation in Hungary in the KUNSÁGI TÉGLAIPARI ceramics plant in Kisújszállás in the east of the country.

This is an important milestone in the central European country’s energy situation, as it is expected that this will be the first of many micronized petcoke firing installations in the region, due to the prohibitive cost of natural gas and the convenience and hygiene that the MICROMATIC system brings.

The results of the implementation have been positive, to the point of entirely replacing the kiln’s consumption of gas, something which is not always been possible.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank KUNSÁGI TÉGLAIPARI for their trust in BERALMAR. Being the first in the market to to take the plunge is not easy, but it has its rewards.

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