Installation of fuel-oil/gas hybrid equipment in Serbia ()

BERALMAR has just completed the commissioning of an installation of gas firing equipment combined with previously existing fuel oil injection units, resulting in hybrid units of gas and fuel injection for the IGMMLADOST tile factory in Leskovac, southern Serbia.

The project has come about as a result of the gas distribution network reaching the area, allowing the management of MLADOSTLESKOVAC to quickly seize the opportunity to request BERALMAR for:

  • The conversion of existing fuel injection equipment into hybrid fuel-gas injection equipment.
  • and the installation of high-speed preheating burners, with natural gas.
MLADOSTLESKOVAC did not want to forgo the availability of fuel oil, given the high quality with which they were able to fire 100,000 tiles per day with this fuel, and therefore opted for the adaptation of hybrid units, instead of removing fuel injectors from the kiln. The commissioning of gas equipment has obviously maintained the firing quality of the tiles, while facilitating management of the kiln, adding a range of possibilities for regulation, thanks to the high-speed burners.

The group MLADOST is an important BERALMAR customer, as they have entrusted us in the past with the installation of PROMATIC solid fuel firing equipment for their two brick factories and one we hope to continue collaborating with on many other projects in the future.

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