New solid-fuel firing installation in Serbia ()

BERALMAR has just received an order for a new solid-fuel firing installation. It specifies the installation of a MICROMATIC model in one of the kilns of the STRAŽILOVO plant in Sremski Karlovci (Serbia), owned by NEXE, running on micronised petroleum coke.

Although it’s the first MICROMATIC model supplied to Serbia, seven PROMATIC models have already been commissioned in the Balkan country.

The MICROMATIC system has the same type of distribution and kiln injection system as the PROMATIC system. The difference is that MICROMATIC users purchase the fuel already milled and dried and store it in a silo, without requiring grinding equipment to prepare the fuel.

The NEXE group had already entrusted BERALMAR this type of installation. BERALMAR supplied a MICROMATIC system for its plant in Sarajevo (Bosnia) in 2011, although on that occasion it also provided the equipment for drying and milling the fuel.

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