New project in Algeria ()

BERALMAR has once again been chosen to build a new plant in Algeria. The plant in question is the future Tizi Ouzou BRIQUETERIE AMRAOUA in the country’s centre-north region.

This new production line will be designed to produce up to 330 tons of blocks per day, and features a semi-continuous MESTRAL model dryer and a PRESTHERMIC-E tunnel kiln.

The kiln and dryer are controlled automatically by the MICROBER and MICROSEC systems, respectively.

The equipment supplied by BERALMAR for this project also includes the automation equipment for cutting, loading and unloading from the dryer, kiln stacking and unstacking, transporting and packing:

The new BRIQUETERIE AMRAOUA factory will be BERALMAR’s fifth turnkey project in the North African country.

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