New project in Algeria ()

BERALMAR has just received an order to supply a complete line for BRIQUETERIE TIMADANINE in Adrar (Algeria).

BRIQUETERIE TIMADANINE is already a BERALMAR customer, since in 2009 it was supplied with a FORNTHERMIC tunnel kiln model and a GARBI dryer for a production of 200 tonnes/day.

The order for the new line is very different in size since it is projected to produce up to 900 tonnes/day of blocks with 6, 8 and 12 holes and vaults.

The equipment supplied by BERALMAR for this project comprises a PRESTHERMIC-E tunnel kiln 152.10 metres long plus 21.60 metres of pre-kiln, a MESTRAL model semi-continuous shelf dryer and all the automation equipment for cutting, loading and unloading from the dryer, truck stacking and destacking using robots and two packing lines: one to form strapped packages without pallets, and one for loading trucks directly with a clamp from a bridge crane.

The fuel used both in the kiln as well as the dryer will be natural gas which is abundant and cheap in Algeria.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank BRIQUETERIE TIMADANINE for their trust in BERALMAR once again.

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