Construction of a tunnel kiln in Spain ()

BERALMAR has started work on the design and construction of a tunnel kiln for NUEVA CERÁMICA CAMPO in Pontevedra (Spain). The kiln will be 123.9 metres long and 4.16 metres wide, with a useful height of 1.23 metres from the cart, for the production of 45 tonnes per day of various formats of refractory materials.

The kiln is a PRESTHERMIC-E model with some modifications to the standard design mainly related to the high firing temperatures of the refractory product, which can reach 1,400 °C.

An interesting aspect of the kiln is the fuel used, consisting of recycled household and car oils, which goes through a refining process to become a high calorific value fuel, for which BERALMAR has had to develop customised firing equipment.

Commisioning of the new kiln is scheduled for June 2012.

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