New project in Algeria ()

In 2000, BERALMAR provided a FORNTHERMIC tunnel kiln and a MESTRAL model semi-continuous shelf dryer for the production of 400 tonnes/day for the BRIQUETERIE EL RYM in Annaba (Algeria). The project was such a success that BERALMAR has been entrusted with the BRIQUETERIE EL RYM 2 project, a new plant planned for a minimum production of 650 tonnes/day of hollow brick and thermoclay block. The minimum production of 750 tonnes/day is expected for some products, which will make it one of the plants with the highest production in North Africa.

The tunnel kiln will be a PRESTHERMIC model, with an airtight design of welded metal pieces on all the walls and ceiling of the kiln, which allows operation at high pressures and thus optimise firing quality and production volume while reducing energy consumption. The kiln will be large: 158.40 metres long without a pre-furnace, an inner width of 6.70 metres and 1.64 metres usable height. It will be equipped with natural gas combustion equipment, an extremely cheap fuel in Algeria, and a MICROBER firing control.

No pre-furnace needs to be installed since the dryer will be a LLEVANT model, with direct green loading onto carts, so the time it takes a cart to exit the dryer and enter the kiln is under one minute, not enough time for it to reabsorb any moisture. This factor, coupled with the fact that the LLEVANT dryer operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and runs almost exclusively on the hot air recovered from the kiln, makes the LLEVANT dryer the best option from an energy standpoint. The dryer will be controlled by the MICROSEC drying control.

Using this type of dryer also significantly reduces the investment in automation, since there no handling of the product is necessary between the dryer and kiln.

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