New BIOMATIC installation in Malaysia ()

BERALMAR is preparing to supply a special solid fuel firing system for the BRICK DOTCOM ceramics facility at Kuala Kubu Bahru (Malaysia). It will be a BIOMATIC model, with technology suitable for firing with biomass and with quality assurance based on the MICROMATIC system, with the necessary changes required by this fuel.

The biomass to be used in this application is the micronized dry husk of the fruit of the oil palm, a plant whose cultivation has expanded greatly in recent years in Malaysia for palm oil production. The fruit husk has a calorific value of 4,000 kcal/kg, with a moderate ash content of 3% and will be the only fuel used in a kiln with a production of 500 tonnes/day.

Given that BERALMAR's technology allows the use of biomass while maintaining high quality standards of firing, the great advantage of this use is the reduction of energy costs. The price of vegetable solid fuel varies greatly from country to country due to the wide variety of biomass, local availability, seasonality, etc.

The advantage of using biomass is the resulting neutral balance of carbon dioxide emissions, especially in countries where there is trade in CO2 emission rights, and this can generate additional revenue.

This will be the sixth solid fuel firing system supplied by BERALMAR in Malaysia, and the second for BRICK DOTCOM which already has a PROMATIC system in its Johor plant.

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