Information for the brickmaker


A dozen members of the ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers Association), including BERALMAR, have released a video report highlighting the virtues of ceramic building materials. It underscores the thermal and acoustic insulation and long useful life of the environmentally friendly materials. Our aim is to make the video available to all ceramic industry players (suppliers, manufacturers, manufacturing associations around the world, etc.) for use as a promotional tool by architectural firms, real estate developers, government agencies, etc.

The three main ideas addressed by this documentary are as follows:

  • Ceramic products provide the best thermal insulating properties of any building materials, and using them therefore minimizes both heating and cooling power consumption.
  • Ceramic products are a decidedly contemporary building material: they can fit in with any type of architecture, ranging from the rehabilitation of historic buildings to use in the construction of modern buildings.
  • Ceramic products are environmentally friendly . Ceramic building materials — manufactured from natural resources and featuring a long service life in comparison to other materials — are among the most environmentally friendly construction products.

For historical and cultural reasons, some regions of the world have these three ideas deeply ingrained. BERALMAR, together with some ECTS partners, has invested resources to make this film hoping to do our bit to improve the perception of all building material consumers and regulatory agents worldwide concerning the use of ceramic products in modern construction, to convince them of its aesthetic, functional and environmental advantages. We invite everyone to download the documentary from the BERALMAR WEBSITE, at no charge and share it with the various local governments, trade unions and various associations of architects, developers, etc

Together we can make this initiative a success and expand the horizons of ceramic building materials worldwide.