First solid fuel installation in Bosnia ()

BERALMAR has received the first order for a solid fuel firing installation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It will be a PROMATIC facility which will be installed in the kiln at the TVORNICA OPEKE D.O.O ceramics plant in Sarajevo, which belongs to the NEXE group, for a production of up to 500 tonnes of thermoclay blocks a day and should provide about 70% of the energy consumed in the kiln. The preheating zone will continue to work with existing natural gas equipment.

The NEXE group, based in Našice (Croatia), is the leading manufacturer of structural ceramics in the Balkans, with several production plants for blocks and tiles in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia.

With this PROMATIC installation in Bosnia, BERALMAR will have installed solid-fuel firing equipment in 23 countries on 6 continents, and its list of references now exceeds 230 kilns since 1983.

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