New dryer for porcelain surfaces ()

BERALMAR is working on a new order for a dryer for porcelain surfaces in Spain.

In 2018 BERALMAR supplied a box-type chamber dryer for a leading manufacturer in the sector. The project was a success, so this year BERALMAR has once again been chosen to supply a new dryer with similar characteristics.

The drying process in these box-type chambers is very special due to the dimensions of the product to be dried, which can reach up to 3,600 x 1,700 mm and thicknesses of between 8 and 30 mm, and because of the drying process itself, since on the one hand only 2% of residual humidity must be eliminated to prevent the material from bursting in the kiln, but on the other hand the material is characterised by the absence of any fear of the surface. The key is a very precise control of the drying curve, by means of a gas burner for each box and a SCADA to manage the process precisely