MLADOST (Serbia) orders 3 MICROMATIC systems ()

BERALMAR has received an order for 3 MICROMATIC installations from the MLADOST group (Serbia).

The three installations are destined for the MALA PLANA, STALAC and VLASOTINCE block factories, replacing the 3 PROMATIC systems that were installed in these factories between 2008 and 2011.

In all three cases, the existing petcoke grinding mills will be kept and used to feed the silos of the MICROMATIC systems, so the factories will live in the best of worlds in the management of petroleum coke: they will enjoy hygiene of work and the precision of regulation of the MICROMATIC system, while they will continue to benefit from the low price of granulated petcoke by keeping the grinding on site.

We take this opportunity to thank the MLADOST group for its repeated confidence in BERALMAR, and to congratulate them for their courage in making decisions in this uncertain context.

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