New solid-fuel firing facility ()

BERALMAR has installed a new solid-fuel firing facility. It is a MICROMATIC system which has been supplied to CERÁMICA BELIANES in Belianes in Lleida (Catalonia).

It uses petcoke, which is supplied under optimal consumption conditions, that is, with less than 1% humidity and <100 microns in diameter, stored in silos and pneumatically transported to the firing zone, where it is also pneumatically injected into the kiln.

The MICROMATIC facility contributes approximately 70% of the energy consumed by the kiln for a production of between 300 and 400 tonnes/day depending on the product. The preheating is carried out using natural gas.

The MICROMATIC system, developed by BERALMAR on the basis of the PROMATIC system in 2001 when suppliers of optimal dry micronized petcoke appeared on the market, has been a success with more than 70 projects around the world. Between its MICROMATIC and PROMATIC systems, BERALMAR has delivered more than 250 solid-fuel firing systems for tunnel kilns, which makes BERALMAR the most experienced supplier with the most projects in this field in the sector.

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General view of the BELIANES kiln
The MICROMATIC system enables the hygienic storage of petcoke.