New project in Turkmenistan ()

BERALMAR has been working for a few months on the supply of a complete plant in Turkmenistan.

The new plant, which will be called DÖWLETI DOWREN, will be multi-product with a capacity of 550 tonnes/day of thermal blocks, hollow blocks and even face bricks. It is being built in the Lebap region, in the eastern part of this Central Asian country.

The main fuel will be natural gas, which is very cheap since Turkmenistan is a large producer.

The main BERALMAR supplies for the new plant include:
  • MESTRAL semi-continuous shelf dryer with conical recirculators managed by a MICROSEC automatic drying control system.
  • PRESTHERMIC tunnel kiln, equipped with a MICROSEC automatic firing control system and natural gas combustion equipment.
  • Complete line of multi-product handling equipment.

The handling equipment of the new plant is especially complex due to the wide range of products planned. There are several cutters, a beveler, many programming tables and robots at various points.

This will be the third factory delivered by BERALMAR in Central Asia in just 2 years, after the projects undertaken in Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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Map of Turkmenistan, with the Lebap region in red, where the new plant is being built.