Order for a biomass heat generator in Bosnia ()

BERALMAR has just received an order for a biomass heat generator from the TOP Banja Luka ceramics plant, near Banja Luka, in the north of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is a set formed by a PULS model combustion chamber, coupled with a GB model heat exchanger. This set will have a maximum capacity of 2,000,000 Kcal/hour (2.326 kWh) in clean air. The combustion and heat exchange operations take place in two separate machines, increasing the set’s energy efficiency in such a way that ratios of up to 85% are expected.

The fuel to be used is pellets with a maximum length of 30 mm and a humidity of less than 6%, which will substitute the consumption of fuel oil in the dryer.

At BERALMAR we think that solid fuels are still relatively unknown in the drying process, and not only involve major energy savings but are also a possible source of income due to the margin they offer in the trading of CO2 emission rights.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank TOP Banja Luka for their continued confidence in BERALMAR equipment.

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