New project in Argentina ()

BERALMAR has been commissioned to carry out a new project for CERÁMICA CTIBOR in La Plata, Argentina. It involves the design and construction of a tunnel kiln for the production of 350 tonnes/day of differently shaped hollow bricks.

The kiln installd will be a PRESTHERMIC model, an air-tight kiln offering high performance in terms of consumption, production and quality thanks to the high working pressure and the air-tightness of the design.

The kiln, which is 117.90 metres long and 4.50 metres wide, will be fitted with the following equipment designed by BERALMAR.

  • FOC high-velocity burners and CGI impulse burners.

  • Recirculators and rapid-cooling equipment.

  • MICROBER automatic kiln managment control.

  • Transport of trucks.
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