Beralmar - Newsletter 91 March 2015
Newsletter 91 - March 2015
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In this eighteenth instalment, we publish part of chapter 2.8 of the firing treatise:

Chapter 2.8.5: Lean Gas (Biogas) Burners

We hope it will be of interest to our readers.

Oleg Polchiy during his “Ceramics Day” events presentation.

As has been the norm for many years now, BERALMAR took part in the KYIVBUILD fair between 3 and 5 March in Kiev (Ukrainian).

BERALMAR’s stand had even more visitors this year than during the previous edition.

BERALMAR also took part in the “Ceramics Day” events with a presentation by Oleg Polchiy on various technologies applicable to the ceramics industry in the Ukraine, above all in the field of solid fuels.

Continuing BERALMAR’s commitment to the Ukrainian ceramics industry, we'll meet again in 2016 for sure!


As stated in our last publication, BERALMAR took part, for the first time, in THE BIG 5 SAUDI Fair, held between 9 and 12 March in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).

The main source of energy for the Saudi Arabian ceramics industry is crude oil – an oil derivative that is denser and less pure than fuel oil, but very cheap – for which BERALMAR has all the combustion solutions, both for the firing process and for drying. In addition, the country is undergoing rapid demographic growth, driving a spectacular increase in demand for housing and, therefore, for construction materials. In this context, BERALMAR is sure to play its part in the growth of the Saudi Arabian ceramics industry.

This initial experience in Jeddah was satisfactory as regards the number and quality of the visits received, which makes us think of attending again at the next edition.


The first meeting of the EUNCET Business School Company and Professional Advisory Council took place on 3 March. Introduced by the President of the EUNCET Business School, Mr. Eusebi Cima, the meeting involved representatives from 42 companies, including BERALMAR, debating the relationship between university and company in the 21st century.

The Advisory Council is intended to act as an instrument to promote open dialogue on the subjects that most concern companies and the economic sector, so as to be able to propose combined actions and benefit the fields of research, development and innovation and the continuing adaptation of university programmes to real needs.

The EUNCET Business School is a centre attached to the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya / BarcelonaTech.

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Cars with green and fired material in a similar factory supplied by BERALMAR.

Early this year, BERALMAR received a new order for a complete plant, this time from the HAP KEE ceramics company of Serendah (Malaysia).

HAP KEE is one of BERALMAR’s loyal clients and has also relied on collaboration from our company in the past to supply various items of combustion equipment.

BERALMAR’s supply for this project is dimensioned to give annual production of 168,000 tonnes per year (480 tonnes/day) of various ceramic block formats, which can be increased to 750 tonnes/day with limited additional supply.

This time, HAP KEE’s order comprises:

- LLEVANT model kiln car dryer, with two 156.30-metre tunnels

- PRESTHERMIC model high-performance airtight tunnel kiln, 156.30 metres in length

- Petcoke grinding and drying station

- Kiln car movement throughout the manufacturing process.

In terms of energy, the tunnel kiln will be equipped with a MICROMATIC-model micronized petcoke combustion installation, including grinding equipment. On the other hand, the dryer will be fed, apart with hot air recovered from the kiln, with hot air provided by a plant solids combustion chamber.

As explained on other occasions through this medium, ceramic plants equipped with dryers for directly stacked green material on kiln cars are those that give the lowest consumption. In this regard, the specific consumption expected for this project is 340 kcal/kg including drying and firing.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank HAP KEE for their repeated trust in BERALMAR. | Change language | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
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