Beralmar - Newsletter 74 September 2013
Newsletter 74 - September 2013
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Artur Massaguer (left) and Santi Amposta (right)

As mentioned in the last Newsletter, this edition will begin to feature the treatise on drying and firing developed by our engineers Artur Massaguer and Santi Amposta, technical director and head of the R&D department, respectively.

This treatise is available in Spanish, English, French and Russian.

Parts will be published alternately; the first part of the treatise will contain chapters on drying, the next part – in October – will contain the first chapters of the treatise on firing, and so on.

In this first part, you will find the following six chapters pertaining to the treatise on drying:

  • Chapter 1: Drying.
  • Chapter 2: The behaviour of clay in the dryer.
  • Chapter 3: Air.
  • Chapter 4: The mixture of water vapour and dry air.
  • Chapter 5: Specific volume and enthalpy.
  • Chapter 6: Sensible heat and latent heat.

We hope it will be of interest to our readers.

  • RAMON SARIÓ ELECTED PRESIDENT OF THE FINANCE COMMITTEE FOR AMEC (Multi-Industry Business Association of Catalonia)

The managing director of BERALMAR, Ramon Sarió, has been elected chairman of the Finance Committee of the AMEC association (Multi-Industry Business Association of Catalonia) for the next four years, as well as member the Board.

AMEC is a private non-profit business association with over 40 years’ experience in promoting exports and internationalization for companies and different sectors. Its main mission is to increase the competitiveness of more than 500 associated companies. It has offices in China, France, Tunisia, Spain, Chile, Mexico and Brazil.

As a multi-sector association, AMEC is organised into 11 business sectors formed by companies that share a strong international and innovative focus, in complete alignment with Beralmar’s own values.

Beralmar has been an AMEC member since 1981.

  • News and Accomplishments

Beralmar has just booked a new order for a solid-fuel firing installation in Kosovo. The installation is for the new BOKSH KOSOVA factory in Klinë, in the western part of the Balkan country, which has opted for a PROMATIC installation to provide most of the energy needed for a planned production of 400 tonnes/day of blocks.

The fuel used is petroleum coke, which is dried and ground by the PROMATIC system itself.

This will be the 14th solid-fuel firing kiln in the countries of the former Yugoslavia. | Change language | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
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