Beralmar - Newsletter 62 May 2012
Newsletter 62 - May 2012
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  • Corporate
Dr. Heimo Scheuch, chairman of Wienerberger AG

ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers), the association which is made up of the leading European suppliers of ceramics technology, used the occasion of the CERAMITEC fair in Munich for their half-yearly meeting in the Bavarian capital.

The agenda of the meeting included, among other things, the presentation of the video documentary "Modern life, modern buildings", edited by ECTS and some of its members among which is BERALMAR. The documentary highlights the virtues of ceramics materials, such as thermal and acoustic insulation, their long life and ecological friendliness. The aim of the editors of this documentary is to gain the widest audience possible by distributing it to ceramists’ associations, architects’ guilds, ministries of housing, etc.. throughout the world. Meanwhile, BERALMAR is already in possession of the documentary and will soon make it available to all on the website so that it can be downloaded for free.

Mr. Heimo Scheuch, president of WIENERBERGER AG, also kindly took part in the meeting, giving a presentation on the direction taken by the company he presides and the possibilities of cooperation between ceramics manufacturers and suppliers of technology.

The next ECTS meeting will be held in Brussels next October.


The CERAMITEC 2012 fair, the world's most important fair for the ceramics industry, was just held in Munich (Germany) between 22 and 25 May.

BERALMAR took part, as we had already announced in previous newsletters, and as it has done without exception, for over 30 years.

From the point of view BERALMAR, the key points of this latest edition are:

  • Success of visitors: with the usual exception of the last day, the BERALMAR stand was almost overwhelmed with visitors.
  • Large catchment area: visitors from all continents, and up to 33 countries.
  • CERAMITEC maintains its position as the leading trade fair for the ceramics industry worldwide.

On the occasion of this latest edition of CERAMITEC, BERALMAR edited and distributed a special newsletter on paper explaining the changes and developments that our organization has experienced since the date of the previous CERAMITEC, in October 2009, up to the current edition in May 2012, explaining mainly the corporate changes and major technical innovations and most notable achievements of this period. This special newsletter can be downloaded free from here:

Download CERAMITEC 2012 special newsletter in English, Spanish and French (pdf)

Download CERAMITEC 2012 special newsletter in English, Polish and Hungary (pdf)

Download CERAMITEC 2012 special newsletter in English, Serbian / Croatian and Russian (pdf)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all visitors to our stand. We hope to see you again in the 2015 edition!

The Minister of Housing of the Algerian government, Mr. Noureddine Moussa, BERALMAR visiting the stand during the opening day of the fair.

BERALMAR participated in the BATIMATEC fair held between 3 and 7 May in Algiers (Algeria).

Algeria is an important market for BERALMAR, which has supplied 3 complete factories in the last 10 years, with an additional 3 factories currently in progress.

The Algerian ceramics industry continued to expand and this new edition of BATIMATEC was a good opportunity to make progress on talks regarding new projects.

Joan Manel Cantero
Miguel Aledo

In May, the Department of Automation recruited two new professionals. They are Joan Manel Cantero (52 years old) and Miguel Aledo (54 years old).

Both are mechanics by profession with a great deal of experience in the manufacturing and assembly of automation equipment for the ceramics industry.

These incorporations along with some others already planned, are a consequence of the high demand for supplying automation projects linked to complete plants.

We would like to welcome them, and wish them well in adapting quickly to the company.

  • News and Accomplishments

The news of the delivery of a combustion plant is noteworthy at this time because of the market involved: China.

It is the first time BERALMAR has supplied machinery to the Chinese market It is a natural gas combustion installation of considerable size, with 143 firing points, for a newly constructed tunnel kiln, with an estimated production of 700 tonnes/day.

The equipment supplied includes FOC high speed burners and ICV continuous and variable flame impulse burners. | Change language | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
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