Beralmar - Newsletter 59 February 2012
Newsletter 59 - February 2012
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On March 16, BERALMAR will again participate, as it did last year, in a symposium for the structural ceramics industry in India

The symposium, jointly organized by ECTS (European Ceramic Technology Suppliers) and TERI (The Energy and Resources Institute), will take place in the city of Bangalore, the IT capital of the Asian country.

In this symposium, BERALMAR will give a presentation on technical solutions applicable to India for the development, mechanisation and modernisation of the ceramics industry.

This symposium is part of the recent efforts being carried out by the ECTS group and its members, to contribute to the modernisation of the structural ceramics industry in India.

  • News and Accomplishments

BERALMAR has just booked a new order for solid fuel firing facility in Morocco. It is the BRIQUETERIE SAMARRA in Tangiers, which has ordered a MICROMATIC installation which uses micronized petroleum coke.

The most notable thing about this installation is that it will replace another petroleum coke installation at this ceramics facility, which has not been successful after only two years in operation.

This will be the 11th petroleum coke firing kiln provided by BERALMAR in Morocco.


As its mission statement says, BERALMAR is a company which is wholly dedicated to providing technology for the structural ceramics industry. In addition to this clear focus, some BERALMAR equipment has occasionally been found to have applications in other industries such as the automotive or food industries.

There is a particular application worth highlighting from recent years. BERALMAR has supplied a large number of biomass heat generators for the agriculture industry, specifically as a heat source per the drying of agricultural products, in collaboration with APISA, a company dedicated to the manufacture and installation of complete drying facilities for the agro-industrial industry.

The experience gained in these applications has also benefited the ceramics industry, as it is also thanks to the experience in the agricultural industry that BERALMAR has become a leading manufacturer in the use of solid fuels for heat generators.

BERALMAR currently offers different heat generation solutions with solid fuels (biomass, coal, etc.) both using direct flame and clean air through the use of heat exchangers. | Change language | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
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