Beralmar - Newsletter 50 April 2011
Newsletter 50 - April 2011
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  • Ceramics Industry

The 14th edition of the BATIMATEC trade fair will take place from the 9th to the 13th May in the Algerian capital and as usual BERALMAR will be present - for the 14th time in a row.

The fair will be held at the SAFEX Palais des Expositions and visitors can visit BERALMAR at Stand No. 13 in Hall U.

Algeria is an important market for BERALMAR, where it is currently working on providing the fifth complete plant in the last 10 years. This new factory, in the city of Annaba, will be one of the largest in North Africa with a minimum production of 750 tonnes/day.

We look forward to seeing you there!

  • Corporate

The financial situation of a supplier is always important when entrusting it with a project, and more so in current times with many markets still recovering from the recent financial crisis that has left so many companies in difficult situations, especially in the construction sector .

BERALMAR TECNOLOGIC has enjoyed good financial health during this complex period, thanks largely to 3 factors:

- Its strong financial situation prior to the crisis, thanks to strict cost management and containment in the organisational structure even during good economic times.

- Market diversification, with BERALMAR having been commercially active in over 50 markets for many years now. It should be remembered that the financial crisis has not affected the whole world..

- Product diversification. BERALMAR has an extensive product range that facilitates the identification of niche markets for their products in many contexts. Of special note is the BERALMAR equipment which provides energy savings and which has been so necessary in times we are facing, such as solid-fuel firing equipment.

For these reasons BERALMAR continues to enjoy a healthy bottom line which enables it to embark on all kinds of projects with full financial capacity, something we would like to share with our customers through the publication of the classification received from the prestigious E-Informa (Dun & Bradstreet) agency, which has included BERALMAR among the 75 best companies in Spain in its field.

Our suppliers and customers can find BERALMAR financial information at E-Informa.


BERALMAR, along with other industrial companies in the Terrassa area, has joined the vocational training and work project of the Salesian school in Terrassa, and will son take on some students as part of an internship.

Vocational training and work is a new organizational form in the Training Cycles which offers positive stimuli to students and businesses. In this way initial professional training and work are carried out at the same time through a contract with the company that takes on the apprentice.

The training cycle of the Salesians of Terrassa combines study with work, under the agreement signed with the Unión Empresarial Metalúrgica CECOT (Metallurgical Business Union), of which BERALMAR is a member. This programme has also received authorisation from the Department of Education of the Government of Catalonia and the support of the Council of Vocational Training in Terrassa, Terrassa Chamber of Commerce and trade unions. | Change language | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
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