Beralmar - Newsletter 44 October 2010
Newsletter 44 - October 2010
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  • Ceramics Industry

EUROCONSTRUCT is the pan-European network dedicated to the development of economic forecasts related to construction, founded in 1975 by a number of construction research institutes which currently represent 19 European countries.

On the 2-3 December EUROCONSTRUCT will celebrate its 70th conference in Budapest, with the following discussion topics:

  • - The Danube strategy
  • - Presentation of macroeconomic figures
  • - Construction foecasts
  • - Financing in Eastern Europe

Those interested in participating in the conference can register through the following contact:

Eszter Falucskai
Tel.: +36-30-894-0852, Fax: +36-1-577-7117

  • Corporate

BERALMAR will participate for the second consecutive year at the INDIAN CERAMICS fair, to be held on 15-17 March 2011.

INDIAN CERAMICS 2011 will once again be held in Ahmedabad in the state of Gujarat in the northwest of India, but the venue for this edition has changed and will be the Exhibition Centre, which is certainly an improvement over the latest edition.

The state of Gujarat is the largest centre of fine ceramics in India, with a significant cluster of producers in the city of Morbi. This is the main reason for keeping the INDIAN CERAMICS fair in the state's largest city, Ahmedabad, although this exhibition tries to cover the whole ceramic range, obviously including technologies for structural ceramics.

  • News and Accomplishments

As regular readers of BERALMAR's Newsletter have probably noticed, in recent times the demand for equipment for soli-fuel firing equipment has increased.

BERALMAR began supplying the PROMATIC system in 1983, and, at the time of writing these words, has received orders to supply PROMATIC and MICROMATIC facilities for 222 tunnel kilns in 22 different countries, making it the most experienced manufacturer of these technologies .

Of these 222 orders, 115 were placed in the 17 years between 1983 and 1999, with an average of nearly 7 installations each year. In the 10 years from 2000 until now, 107 orders have been placed, representing an average of nearly 11 installations each year. And finally, in the last decade, the last 25 orders were received between 2009 and what has been of 2010 so far, with an average of 13 installations per year, almost double the rate in the 80s and 90s.

Despite some predictions about the end of solid fuels in the ceramics industry, and the more or less widespread belief that they are a thing of the past, the proliferation of solid-fuel firing installations (basically coal and pet coke) in modern times is mainly due to a rise in the price of conventional fuels (natural gas and fuel oil), but also, I must say in all modesty, due to the experience and results achieved by BERALMAR equipment in this field. | Change language | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
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