Beralmar - Newsletter 9 May 2007
Newsletter 9
May 2007

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Ceramic Industry
The Spanish industry gathers at the “XXXVI jornadas HISPALYT” in Cádiz

Between May 31 and June 3, the Spanish ceramic industry will gather to celebrate the “XXXVI Jornadas Hispalyt” in Chiclana de la Frontera (Cádiz).

In these annual meetings, Spanish ceramic industry representatives analyse and coordinate their strategies, which in the last years have focused on promoting a culture of quality and developing an informative strategy to highlight the advantages of ceramic construction materials over alternative materials.The meeting will also be an opportunity for several industry suppliers to offer technical presentations.

The meeting will end with some leisure and a dose of friendly competition, in the form of the First Golf Tournament among Association members, sponsored entirely by BERALMAR.



+ info: Hispalyt


The CONSTRUMAT 2007 fair took place in Barcelona from May 14 to 19, 2007. With 155,000 square metres of showroom space, 4,500 exhibitors from more than 50 countries and 286,000 professional visitors, CONSTRUMAT is a reference construction materials fair in Europe.

The recent edition of CONSTRUMAT underscored the importance of the ceramic industry, with the growing presence of ceramic materials with sound-insulating properties. The leading Spanish manufacturers of the ceramic industry participated in the event, many of whom took advantage of their presence in Barcelona to visit the BERALMAR headquarters in nearby Terrassa, as well as some local brickyards.

The next edition of CONSTRUMAT will take place in 2009.


New corporate website in Serbian/Croatian

BERALMAR's corporate website boasts a new version in Serbian/Croatian.

The new version has been translated into Serbian, with the hope that the grammatical and vocabulary differences will not be a problem for Croatian and Bosnian visitors.

BERALMAR's website will later be translated into other languages, in our quest to make our corporate information more accessible to visitors.

Technological news and Performances
New solid fuel firing systems installed in Catalonia

In recent weeks, BERALMAR has started-up five new solid fuel (petcoke) firing systems in Catalonia. These new installations contribute to the ongoing substitution process of liquid and gaseous fuels by solid fuels that is taking place in many countries’ ceramic industry, generating significant savings in the industry's energy bill.

These five installations use the MICROMATIC system, which is applicable wherever completely dried and micronised petcoke is available in the market. The MICROMATIC system consists of micronised fuel storage silos and a closed circuit of distribution and fuel injection of the into the kiln, regulated by temperature control.

Including these newly installed systems, more than 50 kilns are already operating with the MICROMATIC system.

BERALMAR's experience in solid fuel firing, both with the MICROMATIC and the PROMATIC systems, is unique in the ceramic industry.


Newsletter 9 - May 2007
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