Beralmar - Newsletter 4 December 2006
Newsletter 4
December 2006

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Merry Christmas!

We cannot start this month’s Newsletter without wishing a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the whole ceramist family!

During the Christmas break, BERALMAR’s offices will remain closed from December 23rd to January 1st, inclusive.

We hope that all of you will enjoy a much deserved break, and we wish all the best for the coming year both at personal and professional levels.

Merry Christmas!

Beralmar at the congress of the association of polandís brickmakers

BERALMAR was present at the biannual congress organised by the Association of Poland’s Brickmakers (ZPCBiS), which took place on the 7th and 8th of December in the beautiful town of Konstancin.

BERALMAR was invited by ZPCBiS’ vice-president, Mr. Michał Staszewski, to participate in the congress and to offer a presentation on solid fuels and their use in Poland.

Joanna Nalewajko, Representative of BERALMAR in Poland, and Miquel Moix, Sales Manager of BERALMAR in Central Europe, explained, under the presentation “Economic advantages and technologies for the use of mineral coal in the Polish ceramic industry”, under which conditions is the use of the available coal in Poland both technically and economically feasible and advisable for the firing of ceramic products.

BERALMAR has unique experience in solid fuels firing technologies, with PROMATIC and MICROMATIC firing systems installed in more than 100 kilns in 15 countries. The increasing prices of other fuels such as heavy oil and natural gas make it even more attractive to use solid fuels in Poland.

We thank the ZPCBiS for inviting BERALMAR to their congress, hoping our participation was of interest for the audience.

More info: PROMATIC system

Technological news and Performances
Start-up of a new plant in Algeria

The first fired kiln car of the new SOUAKRI FRERES brickyard  of Meftah (Algeria) was released last November. In 2005, BERALMAR received the order of supplying all the equipment and facilities of the brickyards, from extrusion to packing, for a daily production of 400 tonnes.

The project included the supply and start-up of all automations and mechanisms, a JETDRYER rapid dryer model with dismountable trays and a cycle of drying of 6 hours, and a FORNTHERMIC tunnel kiln 115 metres long, 5.60 wide and 1.87 of usable height. The FORNTHERMIC kiln is based on a classic and dependable firing installation concept, constructed with top quality elements which guarantee a long productive life, ready to work at high pressure up to half firing zone.

As usual in BERALMAR’s projects, both kiln and dryer have been fully equipped with equipment designed and manufactured by BERALMAR, such as the automatic kiln and dryer management systems MICROBER and MICROSEC.

The main fuel in the plant is natural gas. The quality of the fired material in this Algerian plant is on a par with European quality standards.


New project in Venezuela

Last month we referred to a new tunnel kiln project in Venezuela, and the Caribbean country is news again for the very same reason. The firm INDUSTRIAS UNIALFA of Venezuela has also put its trust in BERALMAR to build a new tunnel kiln for the production of 100,000 curved and mixed roof tiles a day.

This facility, which will use natural gas as the main fuel, will be a 100.10 metre long PRESTHERMIC kiln. The PRESTHERMIC kiln is conceived and designed to be a sophisticated installation offering top performance in the production of structural ceramics thanks to the materials used in its construction and sealing ability, enabling operation and high temperatures with no energy loss.

The project start-up is due in May 2007.

More info: PRESTHERMIC kiln
Newsletter 4 - December 2006
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