Beralmar - Newsletter 48 February 2011
Newsletter 48 - February 2011
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As our customers and friends will have noticed, BERALMAR has always worked hard to create all kinds of documentation (product information, equipment control panels language information etc. written in the languages of all our customers. It is based on this principle that we offer the website in 10 languages, and the monthly Newsletter in 9. Until now.

From this February issue onwards, the BERALMAR newsletter will be published and distributed in a tenth language: Bulgarian.

Current subscribers to the Newsletter who would now like to receive it in Bulgarian simply have to request a change of language at:

We hope this step will further contribute to the dissemination of BERALMAR news.

  • News and Accomplishments

BERALMAR has received the first order for a solid fuel firing installation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It will be a PROMATIC facility which will be installed in the kiln at the TVORNICA OPEKE D.O.O ceramics plant in Sarajevo, which belongs to the NEXE group, for a production of up to 500 tonnes of thermoclay blocks a day and should provide about 70% of the energy consumed in the kiln. The preheating zone will continue to work with existing natural gas equipment.

The NEXE group, based in Našice (Croatia), is the leading manufacturer of structural ceramics in the Balkans, with several production plants for blocks and tiles in Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia.

With this PROMATIC installation in Bosnia, BERALMAR will have installed solid-fuel firing equipment in 23 countries on 6 continents, and its list of references now exceeds 230 kilns since 1983.


Fuel oil and petcoke jets

Dual natural gas and biogas injectors.

Kiln for testing prototypes and quality tests at BERALMAR workshops in Terrassa.

BERALMAR began operations in 1964 with the manufacture of fuel oil jets for hoffmann kilns. Almost half a century has passed and the company has experienced important changes, but despite the wide range of all types of equipment and engineering solutions that BERALMAR today offers, not only has it not abandoned the original activity of the company but it has been maintained and strengthened it to become one of its cornerstones: BERALMAR maintains as a principle the development of all types of firing equipment for any type of available fuel.

As a result, BERALMAR has a very complete range of firing equipment for liquid fuels (fuel oil, diesel), gases (natural gas, LPG, propane-butane, biogas, syngas, etc.) and solid fuels (petcoke, coals, biomass), the fruit of the expertise within the organisation and the work of the R&D Department, made up of 3 engineers dedicated exclusively to:
- Development of new equipment.
- Continuous improvement of existing equipment.

This expenditure on R&D is not seen as a cost but as an investment because even though this equipment are subject to being copied, it enables BERALMAR to maintain a constant technology gap compared to many competitors.

This principle is also consistently applied at the sales level: BERALMAR not only seeks participation in complete projects, but also works to be the leading supplier of firing equipment in all the markets it operates in. It is a slow process that requires a great deal of effort and time. However this perception of BERALMAR as a leading and reliable supplier of firing equipment already exists in about the ten markets which BERALMAR has personally operated in for some time now.

With regards to 2010, the above has resulted in the supply of a total of 2,395 burners and jets of different fuels for the firing of structural ceramics to 22 countries, something which makes BERALMAR a global leader in this field, and for which we would like to thank our customers for the part they play in continually trusting in us and who, with their good judgement, give meaning to our work. | Change language | Unsubscribe | Disclaimer
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