Beralmar - Newsletter 16 February 2008
Newsletter 16
February 2008

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Ceramics Industry
CEVISAMA show conclusions

The recent CEVISAMA 2008 show at the Valencia exhibition centre had some added interest compared to previous years: a large increase in visitors from outside Spain.

Regarding machinery for structural ceramics, CEVISAMA was always a highly regionalised show, with most visitors coming from Spain and a few from Morocco and Portugal. In this year’s show, the number of foreign visitors was much higher than usual, particularly from Latin America, North Africa and the Middle East. We at BERALMAR are very pleased with this development.

Meanwhile, one of the most recurring discussion topics at CEVISAMA 2008 was undoubtedly fall-off in Spain’s construction business. This slowdown has come about in the wake of seven years of frenzied unprecedented construction activity.

The next show will be held in Valencia in 2010.

News and Features
New project in Hungary

BERALMAR TECNOLOGIC has been commissioned by MÀLYI TEGLA KFT to build a new tunnel kiln for this Hungarian ceramics company located near Miskolc, in the country’s north east.

MÁLYI TEGLA’s new kiln will be a PRESTHERMIC, 81.90 metres long by 5.30 metres wide internally. It has been sized for daily throughput of 400 tonnes of bricks with holes. It will run on natural gas, so the kiln is fitted with FOC20 high-speed burners and CGI pulse burners.

PRESTHERMIC is a sealed kiln, allowing it to operate at high pressure with no energy loss, saving 10% to 15% compared to conventional kilns.

New solid-fuel firing facility in the US

BERALMAR is working on construction of solid fuel firing equipment (petroleum coke) for a new BRAMPTON BRICK plant in Farmersburg, Indiana (US).

The new BRAMPTON BRICK plant will have a throughput of 400 tonnes/day, producing face bricks, and will run on natural gas for preheating and petroleum coke for the firing area. The system chosen for BRAMPTON BRICK is the MICROMATIC, which involves storing micronised coke in silos, which is then distributed and injected into the kiln using BERALMAR’s pneumatic system.

Due to shortage of micronised petroleum coke in large quantities in today’s market, BERALMAR will also be fitting a milling unit, comprising a large rotary mill and intermediate storage silo, which will serve to supply micronised coke to the MICROMATIC system.

We appreciate BRAMPTON BRICK’s continued trust in BERALMAR with what will be the third facility of its kind in the US.

Success in solid-fuel firing of large pieces

A highlight in this issue is the commissioning of a new MICROMATIC firing facility that runs on petroleum coke for ceramics company ALCALÁ VILLALTA in Bailén (Spain); the company produces large bricks, which are becoming increasing popular in the Spanish market.

The result has been an outstanding success in terms of appearance of the finished product thanks to MICROMATIC’s accurate injection of micronised fuel.

Newsletter 16 - February 2008
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