Beralmar - Newsletter 1 September 2006
Newsletter 1 - September 2006

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Newsletters are tools of communication that provide easy and efficient communication to an interested audience.

With the present edition, BERALMAR starts the publication of its own monthly Newsletter, which is structured in three sections: news of general interest of the ceramic industry, corporate news and news related to technological novelties and performances of BERALMAR.

Our successive Newletters will be posted on our web site for any visitor to check. With a reading time that will never exceed 5 minutes, we wish that our Newsletter becomes an efficient means to spread the current events and evolution of our organisation.

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Ceramic Industry:

Growth of construction activity in Euroland

The construction activity in Euroland increased by 2.7% during the second quarter of 2006 compared to the first quarter, according to the EU statistics bureau (Eurostat).

In the whole of EU-25, construction activity, once the seasonal variations corrected, was increased by 1.9% during the second quarter (from april to June) of this year.

The highest increases were registered in Estonia (13.6%), Poland (11.5%), Germany (10.6%), Czech Republic (9.1%), Slovakia (8.6%) and Slovenia (7.2%).

On the other hand, the most severe drops of activity took place in Portugal (-4.8%) and Hungary (-4.3%).

During the second quarter of 2006, compared with the same period of 2005, the production of the construction industry increased in 16 state members and decreased in four.

The highest increases were registered in Estonia (33.5%), Lithuania (19%), Slovakia (17%), Latvia (16.1%) and Poland (12.8%).

The most notable increases took place in Portugal (-7.5%), Hungary (-6.6%), Belgium (-0.5%) and the U.K. (-0.4%).

More info: Eurostat

Beralmar in Tecnargilla 2006

As in every edition, BERALMAR will participate as exhibitor in the TECNARGILLA 2006 which is going to take place in Rimini, Italy,from September 28th to October 2nd.

In this year's edition, BERALMAR will introduce the new cold flame gas burners Mod. FOC 20/FF, designed to harmonize the firing curve and bring pre-heating forward for a faster firing, and the gas burners Mod. FOC/CGI, designed to allow the start-up and heating of the kiln in a faster and more comfortable way.

In our stand you will find 9 technicians and salesmen who will be able to assist you in your own language.

You will find us at HALL C7, STAND 028.

Beralmar Tecnologic joins E.C.T.S.

In 2004 a group of european firms gathered to form the E.C.T.S. (European Working Group Ceramic Technology Suppliers), a working group that, under the umbrella of VDMA (German Association of Machine Engineering), is set to defend the interests of the European suppliers of ceramic technology.

As of September 2006, BERALMAR TECNOLOGIC is a new member of this working group.

European industry is the world leader in the field of ceramic technology. However, it must face a number of challenges, related to some extent to globalisation, which the main European suppliers have in common. The E.C.T.S. working group is set up as a platform of action and debate of such challenges, as well as a meeting point and a base for co-operation of the main European ceramic technology suppliers.

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Technological News and Performances:

New project in Mexico

LADRILLERA SANTA CLARA has put its confidence in BERALMAR TECNOLOGIC for the construction of a new production plant of 660 tn/day of hollow brick and ceiling block in Monterrey (NL), México.

The project consists of a semicontinuous dryer of 4 channels model MESTRAL, and a tunnel kiln model PRESTHERMIC of 185 meters long. The PRESTHERMIC kiln model is conceived and designed as a sophisticated installation that offers the maximum performance in the production of structural ceramics, thanks to the materials that compose it and especially to its hermetism, that allows it to work at high pressure without energy loss.

The start-up of the project is due in September 2007.

Start-up of a new plant in Cuenca (Spain)

BERALMAR has successfuly started-up the new plant of CERÁMICAS MIRA, in Mira (Cuenca), Spain.

The new installation includes a kiln car green load dryer model LLEVANT, with two tunnels, and a tunnel kiln model PRESTHERMIC 140 meters long. The new brickyard is designed to obtain a minimum output of 400 tn per day of thermoblock.

The green loading dryer offers as its main advantage a significant savings in automation machinery, minimising at the same time the maintenance costs of the plant.

The main fuel of this plant is natural gas. Initial data have shown great results in energy consumption.

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